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    About Us

    USA Audiences provides the following services in New York, California and other major metro areas of the United States:

    Ticket Information & Entertainment Resource for the general public. Our website provides visitors with timely entertainment news, data, features, box office info, ratings info, ticket sales, sports game scores, ticket purchasing information, discount and free ticket information, and a full spectrum of industry links.

    Audience Recruiting Service for individuals and companies seeking audience members for special screenings, shows, performances, and events. Online and field recruiting services provided for all events. Focus Group recruiting also available.

    Special Event and Performance Promotions offering discounted tickets to the general public. We can help to market your event in a variety of ways including email database marketing, direct mail, field recruiting, advertising, website support, and more. We will design a program customized to suit your objectives and your budget.

    Event Staffing and Guest Management. Our expert team is at your service to assist with special event staffing and VIP coordination. Event or staff supervisors also available.

    Special Event Ticketing and Event Registration. We offer online and telephone event ticketing and registration services complete with e-ticketing, ticket printing, UPS/Fed Ex services, database/list management, online forms, online calendars, bar coding, payment processing and more.

    Event Management and Planning. Let us assist you with venue research and booking, scheduling resources, planning, online event registration, online payment processing, e-marketing, travel cost management, customizable reports, meeting management, return tracking, follow up surveys, and more.

    Online Survey Hosting: We will assist you with designing and implementing custom surveys for your target audience or your event attendees. Surveys can be hosted online, emailed, or distributed onsite. Our survey software has 21 question types, modifiable looks, multiple security levels, page condition logic, advanced reporting options, data exporting, various survey completion actions, and more.

    Our management team has been involved in marketing and event planning for over 17 years and will assist you in obtaining your desired objectives, making sure your event runs smoothly, and/or marketing your special performance or event. We also work with several of the leading marketing research firms including Nielsen NRG, Advanced Marketing Perspectives, and Screen Engine LLC to fulfill your quantitative and qualitative research needs.

    For additional information regarding the services of USA Audiences, contact Kari Campano at (800) 777-2979 or email

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    USAA is your #1 resource for ticket & special event information to the hottest private movie screenings, shows, performances, parties, and events in New York, California, and other major metro areas across the country. Sign up today!

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