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    Celebrity News
    Celebrity News

    Celebrity News

    10/24/2017 04:40 AM
    Calvin Harris & Kehlani feat Lil Yachty's "Faking It" - REACTING Live!
    Whipped out the glow sticks for this one! Does it deliver? Watch to find out! Enjoy and SHARE!
    10/24/2017 12:17 AM
    Remember When Superhero Movies Were HORRIBLE?? These Are The 10 Worst!
    With shining examples like Iron Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Wonder Woman, superhero movies are, on the whole, doing pretty well with critics. Especially when you consider just 10 years ago the entire genre was a joke. For every well-received one like Spider-Man 2, you got ten absolute stinkers! And trust us, they've aged even [...]
    10/24/2017 12:14 AM
    Cody Simpson & The Tide Perform ' Ramona' LIVE!
    He's from Australia, but this is such Cali music! Enjoy the feel good vibes from Cody Simpson & The Tide! Watch and SHARE!
    10/23/2017 11:14 PM
    How I Met Your Mother Is Leaving Netflix! See Everything Else That's Coming & Going In November!
    It's going to be legen– wait for it… Actually, you better not. Because come November 13, all nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother are dropping off Netflix! So if you were planning a rewatch, you may want to binge the sitcom fast, starting with the always excellent Halloween episodes. Photos: All The Best Halloween TV Episodes [...]
    10/23/2017 10:42 PM
    Jaime Pressly Gives Birth To Twin Boys!
    Double trouble, indeed! On Monday, Jaime Pressly revealed on Instagram she gave birth to twin boys — Leo and Lenon — on October 16! Related: Jaime Pressly Opens Up About Undergoing A Mastectomy The Mom star announced the news with a photo of her beautiful tots! As seen here: They’re here! Introducing our new additions, Leo and Lenon, [...]
    10/23/2017 09:27 PM
    68-Year-Old Billy Joel Welcomes His Third Child!
    Piano baby! As we reported this month, 68-year-old Billy Joel revealed that his 35-year-old wife Alexis Joel was having another baby! Now, as of Sunday — days after the announcement — the musician's bundle of joy is already here! Related: Andy Samberg & Joanna Newsom Kept Their Entire Pregnancy Secret! According to People, the couple welcomed their second daughter, [...]
    10/23/2017 08:55 PM
    Mary J. Blige's Ex Wants More Damn Money!!
    She said she wanted No More Drama… she got the opposite. As we reported, last year, Mary J. Blige filed for divorce from husband/music manager Martin "Kendu" Isaacs after 12 years of marriage. Fast forward to now, their relationship beef is far from over! Related: Mary J. Blige Is An Ageless Deity According to legal docs obtained by The [...]
    10/23/2017 08:43 PM
    Denial AND More Public Flirting? Are Chris Evans & Jenny Slate Back Together Or Not??
    Last week we were happy to report Chris Evans and Jenny Slate were probably back on after they were spotted on multiple dinner dates. Now we have more evidence. And also a flat-out denial. Related: Anna Faris Spills All About Insecurities That Plagued Her Marriage To Chris Pratt On the one hand, a source discounted the dinner dates, [...]
    10/23/2017 07:36 PM
    REPORT: Russian Pop Star Rounded Up And Tortured To Death In Chechnya's Gay Purge
    This is what happens when ignorant zealots run the world. If you didn't already know the name Zelimkhan Bakaev, learn it. The Russian pop singer is reportedly the latest victim of the pure hatred now running Chechnya. We told you in April about how Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov had bragged about opening the first concentration camp for [...]
    10/23/2017 07:02 PM
    Janet Jackson Is 'Happy' For Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Performance — But Will She Make An Appearance??
    No NippleGate: Part Two here! As we reported, on Sunday, Justin Timberlake confirmed he is headlining the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show after previously performing two other times. While many are excited about JT's gig, others are wondering if his infamous 2004 collaborator Janet Jackson will make a surprise appearance (hopefully) without a "wardrobe malfunction." Video: Thirsty Fan [...]

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