Spider-Man could be back In MCU with some of his amazing friends! It’s been a crazy week with news that Spider-Man was leaving the MCU due to negotiations breakdown between Disney (Marvel) and Sony, but it looks like he’s back, and there’s so much more to talk about including the potential addition of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends characters of Firestar and Iceman, as well as updates for Venom and the Spider-Verse franchise.

Check out the above video for the complete Spider-Man news update!

The reports of the Marvel-Sony partnership ending are a bit premature according to Forbes. It has now been reported that there has finally been an agreement and after a Tom Holland posted a cryptic image to Instagram. The post featured Holland and Robert Downey Jr holding Iron Man and Spider-man figures with the caption, “We Did It Mr Stark.” Cosmic Book News has reported that there has been an agreement met.

According to a UK media source, Disney wants the following in the new deal:

– A 6-picture deal with Tom Holland, with an option for a 7th.

– There are three more Spider-Man films after Spider-Man 3, which will be a new trilogy.

– The second trilogy will focus on Peter Parker’s college years including plans for Peter to meet up and team up with Firestar and Ice Man of the X-Men (based in part on the old Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon).

– The other three movies are two Avengers films in which Spider-Man will have a larger role and become friends with Johnny Storm (Human Torch from the Fantastic Four).

– Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance all Spider-Man related movies for 30% of the full profits (Disney previously wanted 50%, but Sony said no, which led to the talks falling apart).

– Sony would distribute, but Disney will acquire exclusive digital and online rights for Disney Plus and affiliated TV networks.

– Marvel Studios will helm and co-finance SpiderVerse live-action spinoffs under the same terms.

– Venom will relocate into the MCU.

– Sony will be given permission for TV live-action programs based on SpiderVerse properties (Sony only has film rights to Spider-Man, but needs permission from Disney for TV rights)

– Disney wants the deal to be done before Saturday’s Marvel panel at D23 Expo.

– Spider-Man is also said to be a part of a D23 Expo panel.

In addition to this if another company purchases Sony such as Apple, the full rights of Spider-man will go back to disney.


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